Here is a checklist to help the photo day to go smoothly.


  1. Remove vehicles from driveway
  2. Remove trash cans
  3. Remove misc items from yard (toys, hoses, scrap metal/wood)
  4. Cut lawn and trim shrubs


  1. Remove clutter from visible areas. Hide in closets 😉
  2. Remove family pictures.
  3. Maximum 2-3 items on any table or counter
  4. Open all shades and blinds
  5. Turn on all lights
  6. Replace any blown bulbs
  7. Remove animal food and water bowls
  8. Clean windows


  1. No dishes in sink
  2. Remove everything from counter tops
  3. Wipe down counters
  4. Clean appliances (glass, stainless steal..)

Bed Rooms:

  1. Make all beds
  2. Wipe down mirrors
  3. Clean off night stands and dressers

Bath Rooms:

  1. Clean mirrors
  2. Clean toilets
  3. Put out fresh towels
  4. Clean shower walls and glass

Dining Room:

  1. Set dinner table.
  2. Wipe off dining table